My Goals for City Council

  • Get our fair share of tax dollars to improve Grantham
  • Rebuild and maintain failing infrastructure
  • Ensure that major site sin the City are developed wisely
  • Flooding protection from Walker’s Creek and other similar area waterways
  • Increase police presence
  • Enhance Sunset Beach as a recreational facility
  • Finalize the Transportation Master Plan
  • Build affordable housing
  • Put an end tot he Opiod crisis

Elect Dawn Dodge – St. Catharines City Councillor – Grantham Ward

As the pressure and demands of our community continue to thrive and grow, residents should expect sound financial planning and management of the City’s current and capital budgets from elected officials in order to be able to provide services residents rely upon to make our neighbourhoods vibrant and safe communities to live in.

We need dynamic, accountable and progressive leadership to achieve these goals. I can deliver!

St. Catharines has become such an amazing and vivacious city! I am proud of my track record of revitalizing the City by bringing to fruition, such projects as the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre, the Meridian Centre, the new Library branch, Kiwanis Aquatics Centre and the downtown parking garage, to name a few. Bringing GO Train service to St. Catharines, our City will continue to grow and flourish into a top destination for families and businesses looking to relocate.

I have the skills necessary to continue to build our community by representing the interests of citizens of St. Catharines, especially Grantham Ward!


Experienced, accountable leadership!

About Dawn

Dawn is an early retired employee from the Regional Municipality of Niagara, so she has hands-on experience in dealing with municipal government from both spectrums, both as an employee and as a decision maker as a former councillor and Deputy Mayor.

She is a long-time homeowner of Grantham Ward and understands the concerns homeowners and residents face in the North End.

Given that she is retired, she will work full-time on behalf of Grantham Ward residents.

Dawn has proven to be a reliable and responsible councillor, open to new ideas, innovations and strategies in improving our Ward.


I am an active member of the St. Catharines Transit Commission and the Niagara Folk Arts Council as Second Vice-President.

Founding member of Walkers Creek Neighbourhood Association

Proud to have been an effective voice on City Council for Grantham residents on Grantham issues.

Successful, proven and qualified leader

Elected by fellow Councillors as Deputy Mayor

Active and informed member of City Council from 2000 – 2014, representing the City in a wide variety of roles, including:

  • Catharines Transit
  • Catharines Paratransit
  • Budget Committee
  • Catharines Museum
  • Grape & Wine Festival
  • Green Committee
  • Fire Master Plan
  • Folk Arts Council

Looking Ahead

We should ensure responsible spending of revenues so that every tax dollar we spend is maximized. I will works towards keeping our wonderful greenspaces beautiful, working closely with the many volunteers from the friends of Sunset Beach, the Friends of Malcolmson Park, the Friends of Walker’s Creek, to name a few, all of whom donate their valuable time to enhance those respective facilities with playground equipment, benches, tree planting, erosion controls along the creek and along the lake, and the maintenance of our beach.


I will work hard to:

  • Be the voice of reason at Council.
  • Keep taxes affordable for all residents.
  • Eliminate wasteful spending and use tax dollars wisely.
  • Work with business leaders and all levels of government to bring smart development to strengthen our tax base and create good paying jobs.
  • Continue to work with Transit to enhance our current service with consideration to intermunicipal delivery and paratransit services.
  • Continue to lobby for GO Train service to St. Catharines.
  • Protect present greenspaces until other development projects have been completed.
  • Advocate for Opioid Injection sites in St. Catharines.
  • Consider green alternatives on all City projects.

Experienced, accountable leadership!

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